Park Record Features Black Tie Ski Rentals

When the headline in the Park Record recently read “Prepare to Ski in ‘Black Tie’ Attire” they weren’t talking about tuxedos. The newspaper recently profiled Park City branch owner Josh McConnell and the story’s reference to Black Tie attire was the plethora of skis and snowboards that will be used to fit guests this winter through the convenient, time-saving service.

As McConnell explains, “customers call and provide specifications like height, weight and shoe size, and delivery technicians pull their sizes and deliver the equipment to their lodging area as well as pick up the equipment when they are done using it.” The article continued, “Delivery technicians take the equipment to customers in what Ryan Mancl (general manager) called “monster bags,” large, black bags that can carry up to six pairs of skis. They fit the equipment on customers in their rooms and provide switch-outs from back-stock in their vans or back at the shop, free of charge, should customers need it.”

This focus on customer service has guests coming back year after year to Black Tie Ski Rentals Park City. As the story noted, ” The measurements are then stored in the shop’s system, so if a customer rents from a Black Tie shop in a different location, other shops will have their measurements.’

Guests this season will have a number of new skis and snowboards to choose from as the shop purchases new equipment every two years. “The equipment starts coming in during the middle of October,” Mancl said. “So it’s like Christmas in here every day right now.”

“We just want customers to have a laid-back, relaxed experience here in Park City instead of waiting in long lines during the holidays,” Mancl said. “Our customers can expect one-on-one service in the comfort of their home or lodging.”

Black Tie Ski Rentals Park City also will be offering a “locals discount” this winter season starting on opening day. The special will include ski or snowboard rentals to any locals with a valid Utah driver’s license at half-off the racks from opening day until Dec. 12.

For the full article in the Park Record, please click here.